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​​​​Agencies of the Gauteng Provincial Government



GGDA came into existence on the 01 June 2012. It was a merge between the Gauteng Economic Development Agency (GEDA) and Blue IQ Investment Holdings.

This merger was initiated and is funded by the Gauteng Department of Economic Development (GEDED). 
The agency is mandated to design, develop and implement key strategic economic development programmes, such as the Gauteng Economic Growth and Development Strategy (GEGDS) and positioning itself as a thought leader to manage relations within its scope of operations as the implementation arm of GDED and the provincial government.

Gauteng Enterprise Propeller​

GEP - Gauteng Enterprise Propeller





The Gauteng Enterprise Propeller (GEP) was established with the support of the Department of Finance to provide support and to coordinate stakeholders for the benefit of small, medium and micro enterprises in Gauteng. It seeks to enable entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.

The GEP provides business support, technical assistance, fact sheets and business tools to entrepreneurs. Its Enterprise Support Programme provides help to businesses in the manufacturing, service and commercial sectors of the economy.

GEP provides entrepreneurs with all sectoral information they need. The programme is tailored to suit businesses' needs using either GEP's full-time specialists or carefully selected and accredited service providers. This assistance is offered on a sliding subsidy scale.

The Enterprise Support Programme provides access to skills and capabilities that are normally only available to big business, personal service through GEP's relationship managers, better performance with limited own resources, improved business efficiency, free business tools and fact sheets on the GEP website, and an after-care service through relationship managers and mentors who visit the business on a regular basis to offer advice or act as a board.

To qualify for support, businesses must be black owned and black managed, and must make some contribution towards the project costs. The business must be legally registered, and be based in Gauteng.

Gauteng Film Commission

GFC - Gauteng Film Commission


The Gauteng Film Commission (GFC) develops, promotes and coordinates the film and television production industry in South Africa's wealthiest province. It is tasked with positioning the province as a world-class destination for filmmaking as well as attracting local and international investments in the film and television industry.

Its core business is to facilitate and enhance the contribution of the industry to the economic growth of the province. The GFC markets Gauteng, with its world-class industry infrastructure, recognised expertise and wide range of locations, as a destination of choice. It also acts as a centralised industry intelligence hub and ensures that people across Gauteng can experience the magic of cinema.

The GFC works with industry, g​overnment agencies and other key stakeholders, advising on the development and growth of a sustainable audiovisual industry. It supports the transformation of this sector into a world-class industry and its vision is to cultivate an environment that allows it to play a meaningful role in the socioeconomic development of Gauteng.


Gauteng Tourism Authority (GTA)

GTA - Gauteng Tourism Authority




Established in 1997, the Gauteng Tourism Authority's mission is to stimulate, coordinate and facilitate sustainable tourism development and marketing of the province, in order to create a world-class destination that will attract business and other tourists, benefit the province's people and contribute to economic growth.






About GIFA

The Gauteng Infrastructure Financing Agency (GIFA) was established on 01 July 2015 as a component of Gauteng Provincial Treasury. It was established to accelerate the delivery of key infrastructure projects in support of the Gauteng Provincial Government's Ten Pillar programme of radical Transformation, Modernisation and Re-industrialisation (TMR) through project development, sourcing and structuring of alternative financing and forming strategic partnerships with the private sector.

In collaboration with project owners and Provincial Treasury, the GIFA will support public institutions in Gauteng Province to perform project preparation and facilitate innovative financing solutions.

For more information, go to www.gifa.co.za